Organized Morning Routine Helps Son Reduce Time by 38%

Mornings are exhausting at the Kleinendorst’s home. One of the challenges is reminding their 14-year old son to complete tasks, or redo tasks more than once.

They created a process map and spaghetti diagram to understand the current state, and timed him to get a baseline performance level (72 minutes from start to end). The time doesn’t even include waking up 30 minutes early to have him take his ADHD medication, so that he is more likely to get his tasks completed when he finally wakes up.

After assessing the current situation, they came up with some ideas.

They set alarms on the home phone to signal when tasks need to be completed, and created a checklist with each item that corresponds with the times when the alarm goes off. This also correlated to each room, so he’s not making unneeded trips to other spaces, reducing transportation and motion waste. They also clarified each task with him, timed him to make sure he had enough time, and designated a space on the family board to make it easy to find and track progress.

Spaghetti Diagram showing transportation and motion before and after changes

After the improvements, their son was able to reduce his morning routine from 72 minutes down to 45 mins, a reduction of 37.5%

You can download her “Lean at Home” certification presentation of their improvements here: