Setup Time to Play Guitar Decreased by 80%

Cristian Goyzueta was frustrated with his process for playing his guitar, specifically connecting up his guitar pedals. His drawers were disorganized, and his cables were often tangled up.

Current state of guitar setup process

He mapped out the process, and discovered many wastes in the process, such as:

  • Transportation: Moving the boxes, cables and pedals repeatedly
  • Inventory: Pedal boxes not needed, getting in the way
  • Motion: Walking back and forth too often
  • Defects: Connecting pedals in wrong order/sequence

He put the pedal board in its own drawer, which reduced setup time. He also setup some cable holders and guitar holder for the wall, to eliminate the need for the case, and he used tape to outline his desk and added some visuals to ensure he has a place where everything goes.

After improvements were implemented

After the changes, he was able to reduce setup time for connecting his guitar pedals from 4:49 down to 0:58, a time savings of 80%!