Parents Save Time and Frustration with Improved Baby Nighttime Routine

Josh is a new parent, and was put in charge of the nighttime routine for his newborn (Zelda). He quickly realized it was in need of improvement. They realized through some gemba walk activities that there was an opportunity to feed her quicker (before she gets super cranky) and still put her to bed at the same time, ensuring she sleeps through the night.

They determined the following solutions:

  • Cut down bath time
  • Eliminate bath time (some nights)
  • Give Zelda the bottle before we put her in her pajamas

After improvements were implemented, they continue to bathe Zelda every night, but for about five minutes instead of 15 minutes. We dry her and feed her the first bottle in a towel and diaper. They still read to her, but there is more time for singing and burping, and they are getting her to bed at the same time with less headaches (and tears).

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