How to Control Your Blood Glucose Using Lean Six Sigma

Here’s an example of a Lean Six Sigma project where blood glucose (sugar) is reduced and controlled using the DMAIC methodology.

The model helped drive:

  • research on various methodologies on how to best control blood sugar with Type II diabetes.
  • Utilize past A1C and glucose meter measurements as a baseline
  • Analysis showing PM readings were generally lower than the AM readings
  • a proposed solution was to specifically increase muscle activity by means of weight training

The results of the project lead to:

  • Improved daily average blood sugar from 205 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl.
  • 10 lb weight loss, and a loss of 2” in pants size, overall increase in energy and an ability to slightly relax dietary restrictions.
  • Based upon current data and trends the expected result should be a measurement of 5.9.

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