Elliott Weiss on Applying Lean to Retirement, Sports and Diabetes – Lean Blog Podcast with Mark Graban

Host Mark Graban interviews Elliott Weiss, a professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. He is the author of The Lean Anthology: A Practical Primer in Continual Improvement, which is a collection of everyday stories of everyday people negotiating life through a Lean process improvement journey.

In the interview, they discuss a wide variety of topics, such as the flow of customers at a supermarket, basketball shooting and the Taguchi Loss Function, Hoshin Kanri for retirement life, using SPC or Process Behavior Charts to monitor diabetes, using 5S in the home, and much more.

You can watch the video, listen to the audio podcast or read the show notes at https://www.leanblog.org/2022/02/prof-elliott-weiss-on-steph-curry-tweaking-his-3-point-shot-and-not-reacting-to-noise-in-other-settings/