My Value Stream: A Journey of Personal Transformation and Fulfillment

When it comes to generating value and fulfillment in our lives, there is an unavoidable and growing case for change emerging in today’s dynamic and relentless global environment. Our calendars are overwhelmed with a never-ending series of meetings, events and to-do lists. Work hours are increasing, but most of us are not fully engaged or satisfied with our jobs. Average health is declining, both physical and mental, leading to a poorer quality of life. The irony is that with all the innovation and technology available today, we have opportunities to improve our lives and our contributions to society more than any generation before. But we never seem to have enough time to spend on the things we value most.

Enter the concept of My Value Stream (MVS) where the personalized value we create is a function of what we choose to spend our time on, how effectively we engage in those activities, and the number of times we repeat the cycle. This chain of activity has an exponential impact on the value we generate over time, much like the power of compound interest. Value stream methodologies are popular in business, where some activities directly add value to a customer’s experience with a product or service, while other activities do not. The trick is to maximize the value-added activities while minimizing or eliminating the non-value-added ones.

My Value Stream works in the same way, except that you are your own customer! MVS is a principle-based framework to help you better understand what generates the most value for YOU. It will guide you through a user-friendly approach to systematically identify and engage in higher value pursuits, replacing lower value activities. Eventually, the continuous improvement of your value stream over time will lead you to unprecedented, eye-opening levels of productivity and satisfaction.

The basic concept of MVS is easy to understand but can take a lifetime to master. There’s ALWAYS room to improve your value stream, and time invested directly leads to greater impact. Ultimately, the value you create is in your hands . . . MVS will help you make it a reality. Are you ready to maximize your impact and dramatically increase the fulfillment in your life by investing in the transformation of your value stream? Let the journey begin!

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