Lean as an Inspiration and Creative Spark to Painting

There is a misconception that lean stifles creativity. Sharon Visser feels that lean thinking can actually improve her painting.

In order to create a visually pleasing picture, it is not the free-spirited action people may think it is. Painting a picture is full of rules and processes, problems to solve, and decisions to make.

She shares her painting process steps:

  1. Decide what to paint;
  2. Source the canvas to be used;
  3. Set up the easel and fit the canvas onto it;
  4. Decide upon the media that will be used;
  5. Decide what tools are needed;
  6. Decide on the cleaning fluid required;
  7. Gather all these requirements next to the easel.

She problem-solves her way through the painting, paying attention to the details, and continuously checks the work by standing back and observing the outcome.

Read the entire article at https://planet-lean.com/lean-thinking-painting/