Kata for Life – How to be calm, focused and succeed in a world of change

Tilo Schwarz shares a process for applying the Toyota Kata methods to your personal life. In a recent webinar, he shares the following method:

  • Define your direction using the Big 5 focus areas in your life:
    1. Spirit and Health
    2. Partner and Kids
    3. Vocation and Finance
    4. Family and Community
    5. Avocational and Physical
  • Define where you want to be in a year from now
  • Pick 3 of the goals for your 3 month (90 day) challenge
  • Define what you hope to achieve at the end of 90 days
  • Turns goals into a daily process or routine on one of the obstacles
  • Establish weekly target conditions to reflect on previous week and define new experiments

Check out the 30 minute webinar about the process of applying kata to your personal goals

You can download the slides as a PDF at https://www.tiloschwarz.com/kataforlife