This book will show you how to get your life in order, offering a smooth, easy process to bring harmony to your family and home. From coping with never-ending piles of laundry and meal planning to constantly feeling on the backfoot with endless admin from your child’s school, this is a modern guide to ensuring your home and family flow.

Eva offers a ‘stream’ technique for you to systematically create and maintain organisation – no longer will you spend hours searching for your keys/scarf/paperwork. Instead, that previously wasted energy can be channelled into things you actually want to do. You will stop feeling like you are being chased and take back control into your life. It also empowers children in the household to take responsibility for their belongings and their schedules – kids as young as two can get involved.


  1. Our House: Chaotic but Loving – How we implemented lean out of pure survival instinct
  2. It Started in Japan – How a poor weaver’s son became an industry king
  3. What is Lean? – Stream efficiency (and how it can make cancer care 500 times more efficient)
  4. What is Lean at Home? – A toolbox and philosophy for value-filled living
  5. Streams – How to move from frustration to flow
  6. Kaizen – From problem to opportunity
  7. Muda – From waste to value
  8. Kanban – From reactive to proactive
  9. Seiri – From chaos to calm
  10. Hansei – From regret to reflection
  11. Mura and Muri – From running the home to sharing the load
  12. One Year of Lean Living: The Results – How our home has been transformed by lean (though our journey has only just begun)
  13. Lean at Home at Your Place
  14. Getting Started – Easy Tips

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